Everything But the Girl - Kindle ebook by Clemency Bell


Everything But the Girl is a classic cosy crime novel set in the English countryside. Liddy Marbles, a keen Agatha Christie and Miss Marple fan,is a school psychologist. She takes on  few animal behaviour cases as a sideline alongside her regular schools work. But then a girl she works with goes missing and her landlord's stable girl is found dead, killed in a hit and run. Liddy must turn detective to help find out what's going on. Enter a mad Irish mother in law and a moody detective and she finds herself caught up in a sophisticated whodunit involving a pop star , a horse race trainer and of course children. Liddy must use her psychology to solve this one in the manner of Miss Marple.

Clemency Bell is the pen name of a real life English educational psychologist who lives in the English country side close to where the novel is set.

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