Old World - kindle ebook by Oliver Kennedy

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Old World (The Green and Pleasant Land)

Great Britain has become a bleak nation without hope of redemption. All the labours of mankind have came to nought. It's greatest endeavours are ash and dust. The origins of the plague have been obscured by accusation, betrayal and the scourge of a reactionary nuclear conflict. What is without doubt is that the dead have risen and they care not for the hopes and dreams of the living.

Old World follows the fate of the Locklear family. Forced to flee their home and the comfort of the lives they knew, now they must scavenge for survival and contend with the many hazards of the world of the zombie. They escape to the Lake District national park, but the path is laced with the perils of deathwalkers, and the lawless men whose hearts have turned to darkness.

The evils of men, both alive and dead may be the least of their worries. For something else stirs in the irradiated wastelands of the south. Fell beasts spawned in the quagmire of radiation and disease. Survival is by no means guaranteed, and even for those who live beyond the fall of the old world there are more trials ahead. 

For survival comes at a price, those who wish to see the dawn must learn to embrace the darkness of the night...

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