Human Interference - Kindle ebook by Donald L Reavis

"Human Interference" by Donald L. Reavis is a novel that blends advanced aviation technology, terrorism, and political corruption into a futuristic story that's as chilling as it is mesmerizing. It begins with a software glitch in the ERAMS system, the advanced technology that will change the face of air traffic control. Abdur Rahman and two of his associates are hired to write a patch that will correct the problem. What no one suspects is that Abdur has been coerced by a terrorist cell into installing an undetectable virus into the program which when awakened could bring chaos and destruction to the world of air travel.

After the system is introduced serious glitches are found, one which has tragic consequences. But, the cost of the investment in this technology continues to outweigh moral responsibility and safety, and air traffic controllers are replaced by a cheaper workforce. As the problem escalates Charlie Beckler, a senior air traffic controller and the voice of NextGen is called on for his expertise which not only weighs him down emotionally but places stress on his family life. A Christian, Charlie reaches out to his faith for support and guidance in a time when air travel is in peril.