Our Little Every-day Kindle ebook by Robby A. Lyon


In the year 2022 Elizabeth and David, who are expecting their first child, escape England and make
their way to Colombia, South America. The world has dramatically changed and so has their personal lives
as they make a home for themselves.
China has become the new and sole world power, the US is broken up - forced south, Russia transforms to 
a real democratic-socialist republic and old lies are uncovered.
Our heroes are four young adults...

What seemed to be was not at all.
Who was their father?
Who helped the Chinese?
Why did the US government undermine the entire population?
The world that once belonged to the crazy, the dreamers and the conspirators is now the every-day reality but that may not last long either considering that other things are happening under foot.
Welcome to an adventure where normal becomes fantasy, where fantasy becomes science-fiction, and where  humanity must evolve or suffer the consequences.