Kin Seeker - a fantasy/ adventure kindle ebook by Naomi Eccles-Smith

A dragon foundling stripped of all memories…
A world whose guardians have disappeared…
An ancient enemy setting the stage for destruction…
The dragons have mysteriously vanished from the lands of Valadae–except for one. With no memory of his past, or what happened to his kin, Laeka’Draeon begins the daunting quest for answers, well aware the stakes are more than personal. If the dragons fail to return and restore the magic of the legendary towers of Klonnoth Aire, the consequences could bring about the return of an ancient and devastating enemy.
The peace between the allied kingdoms hangs in the balance, and only Lakea’Draeon can turn the tides.
KIN SEEKER, Book One of the Dragon Calling series, follows the story of a young, amnesic dragon, in his search to find the others of his kind. An adventure filled with magic, mystery, and an amazing cast of creatures, Laeka’Draeon’s epic tale will capture the hearts and imaginations of readers the world over.
The concept for the Dragon Calling series began as a simple Fable within the world-building of a different story author N. R. Eccles-Smith was working on at the time; a story within a story. However, when the central character of that Fable began speaking louder than the characters inhabiting the larger story, the author sat up and took notice. From small imaginings surrounding the unlikely hero–a curious young dragon–, the world of Valadae erupted to life, with depth and workings the creator had never imagined. And so, the Dragon Callings series was born–an unexpected deviation which proved to be one of the greatest discoveries of her writing career.
"This is an inspiring tale, full of adventure and suspense. It is certainly an awesome introduction into a larger series which is sure to capture the attention of a huge following." - Bil Howard, Readers' Favorite
“Such colourful characters, intriguing events and inspiring themes had me wanting more.” - Goodreads Reviewer