Lead! - kindle ebook by Stephen Owens

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Principles that will change your leadership style forever.

Leading for Jesus is rewarding yet difficult. It requires us to stay focused on the Lord while making disciples who will follow Jesus with their whole heart. Those that want to lead well are required to sacrifice their time, energy, and comfort. But the reward that comes from living a sacrificial life for the Lord and for the sake of the gospel cannot be measure by what our eyes can see. A godly leader’s return on investment is not material things that will pass away but an eternal weight of glory that will last forever.

This book will help you because a leader that pursues that everlasting reward. In “Lead!” you will discover nine principles the Apostle Paul used during his apostolic career as he planted churches that led people to Christ. The Apostle shows us that leaders must spend time with God, learn how to effectively communicate, be entrepreneurial, work on building team-based ministries and must not be afraid to talk about money. Every church leaders should read this book, meditate on it principles and practice them daily.