Scotch on the Loch - kindle ebook by Liberty Bell

Scotch on the  Loch is a romance about a girl, Lucy Ross, who escapes from London to work in Scotland, after her relationship breaks down. Her new job is promoting tourism in a small fishing community in the western isles of Scotland.  Lucy also hopes to track down her father who lives in Scotland and left her mother when she was a baby. Although she does not get off to a great start with her boss, the supercilious Rory MacDonald and struggles with the remoteness, cold and lack of shopping, she does get on the personable site manager, Jed MacInnes. With a cast of colourful local characters who are perhaps a little too enthusiastic about Lucy's idea to strip off for a promotional calendar, things start to look up.  But then Lucy finds the past catches up with her and suddenly she realises she has a stark choice to make.

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