Methuselah's Secret - Kindle ebook by Chris Petersen

Dr. Hank Rison tells Franklin Stone that he has perfected a chemical formula which will stop the aging process and now his house is bugged and he is sure something bad is about to happen to him.  A few hours later, Hank's plane and his corpse lie in flames and in pieces in a field.  What do you do? If you are Franklin Stone, you set out to find out why it happened and who is responsible.

The first book in author Chris Petersen's Methuselah series give us a peek into the lives of the extremely wealthy who live in a community near Daytona Florida, where it is as common to have two airplanes in your private hangar as it is to have two cars in your garage.  It is a place where the rich and powerful - ex CIA operatives, NASCAR drivers and ex-military- are not used to hearing the words, "no",  When they are told their supply of "youth juice" has just been cut off, they react as you would expect by taking matters into their own hands.  Franklin Stone is soon involved in the rush to find the formula before someone else dies.

This is Petersen's first book in a series that promises to engage and excite us! Chris lived in the Spruce Creek Fly-In for several years and the characters are drawn from real people and real events with the one significant exception of the Methuselah formula. Other than that they are all real people and real places.