Dying to Dream - kindle ebook by Kathryn Long

“The author brings the people and the countryside to life with her descriptive skills. You can’t help but feel the Louisiana heat, the passions at play between the various characters …”
C. Jung – Over My Dead Body
“Kathryn Long sets her stage in the tiny gulf coast town of Saint Toulere, where passions are high and tempers are as hot as Tabasco, with characters the reader will wish they invite over for a beer and a barbecue -- or in some cases, cross the street to avoid.”
Sand Pilarski, Editor, The Piker Press
The characters have always been my favorite part of creating stories. I enjoy developing them much as an artist thrills when his portrait takes form on the canvas. I imagine how my characters look, how they move, sound, talk, the smile on a face, the anger, the joy, the closeness of one to another, all that forms them and makes them real to me. It’s then they can take control to act and move events along and tell the story.
In Dying to Dream the characters bring the story to life with Tante Louise’s quirkiness, Trent and Marin’s passion, Ash’s greed, Charlie’s loyalty, Cal’s sadness, and the haunted, grieving souls of ghosts. All it takes is one mysterious death and a dark family secret to make the people of Saint Toulere react, along with the help from a few ghostly spirits who only want justice.
With psychic power, voodoo magic, ghostly spirits, and love to empower it all, these characters lift themselves and the words off the page like a hologram to surround the readers, thus bringing them into the novel’s world, making them experience the story with their senses to achieve what a great novel should. Those are my characters. That is what Dying to Dream is all about.

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