Paleo Beginners Cookbook - Paleo Diet Solutions & Recipes by Ned Campbell

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Paleo Beginners Cookbook sets forth how the Paleo diet is really a more holistic and complete approach to food-related well-being than any of the other trendy diets on the market.

So many dieting plans being promoted are devoted to weight loss and in being overly concerned about carbohydrate intake of most people  being too high, causing weight gain when the body’s natural processes store excess carbohydrates as fat.

The Paleo diet also called 'The Stone Age Diet', is based on many years of  scientific research that finds that the human body is not compatible with the carbs, trans fats and sugars to be found in so many people’s diets.

In contrast to the omnivorous low-fat model of the typical caveman diet originally held by many researchers,the Paleo diet make it possible for you to feel healthy, lose weight and improve your energy level.

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