The Crimson and the Frost - a Fantasy Adventure for all ages

Young Billy Hampton boards a mysterious transport and it whisked away to the winter lands of the north where he becomes caught in the middle of a war between two immortals.
Delve into a unique story full of magic, mystery and thrills.

Co-authors and cousins, John Williams and James Colletti, have had a long career in the film and TV industry working on projects for FOX, MTV, VH1, TruTV and Miramax, to name a few, as well as directing two music videos for the band Queensrÿche and a found-footage feature film that was released internationally.

 During that time they had written several screenplays that are currently being shopped. One screenplay in particular was gaining a lot of attention but John and James found the 'Hollywood red tape and politics’ at the big studios to be maddening so they put screenwriting on the ‘back burner’ and opted for a more independent way of creating; novel writing…where there is nothing to block the creative flow, no one trying to figure out target markets, demographics, pre-sales of territories, product placement, and all the other factors that go into film production. There was only the blank page and the imagination.

 There was one screenplay in particular that John and James both were particularly proud of. So, instead of letting that script sit on a shelf, collecting dust as they waited for the right production deal to come along, they decided to transform it into a novel… and "The Crimson and the Frost" was born.

 During the novel writing process John and James found that they enjoyed this new creative outlet even more than originally anticipated. They weren’t any longer bound by having to restrict story aspects due to budgetary concerns during filming and were finally allowed to flex their ‘creative muscles’ and let their imaginations run wild. The Crimson and the Frost evolved into much more of a rich and vivid story than the screenplay ever was and they couldn’t be more proud of it.

They are planning to add to the story with 2 more installments and hope to have them out sometime in 2014 immediately following their supernatural horror/thriller, ‘Pray for Light’.

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