Peggy Sue - kindle ebook by Doug L Hoffman

The second book in the T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy science fiction adventure.

Peggy Sue is the sequel to Parker's Folly, the first book in the saga about Captain Jack Sutton, his lover Col. Ludmilla Tropsha, and the crew of the Peggy Sue. In the first book, after defeating an alien threat to all humanity, Jack's intrepid band of space explorers returned to Earth,
though not without several tragic losses. Peggy Sue finds the crew trying to reenter their lives while warning their governments of the threat they had discovered. That is where I started with the second book of what turned out to be a trilogy (it did not start that way). The
story became a trilogy because of friends and other readers pestering me
about what happened when the Peggy Sue returned to Earth, which opened
my mind to the future possibilities of this SF universe. In this
installment I added several more characters and tried to make the action
even more rollicking than in Parker's Folly. There are covert missions
on Earth, battles on alien planets, and space battles among the stars.
The third book in the series is titled M'tak Ka'fek, the name of an
ancient T'aafhal battle cruiser. Some fans have asked where the names
for my novels come from. The books are named for the ship that Capt.
Jack commands. To find out how he ends up on the M'tak Ka'fek you will
have to read Peggy Sue.

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