Scalawag - Kindle ebook by Robert Bresloff

Scalawag is a rollicking, swashbuckling coming-of-age adventure sea adventure filled with action, excitement, pirates, and ghosts.  Filled with some of the most colorful characters you will ever meet on the open sea, Scalawag follows the adventures of thirteen-year-old Henry Downs, who is kidnapped by the notorious Captain Black, scourge of the Caribbean Sea. What the scoundrel Black does not know is that his ship is haunted by ghostly pirates. So, join in the fun and meet one of the strangest crew of pirates that ever sailed the seven seas. See you there...if you dare!
Thirteen-year-old, Henry Downs, kidnapped, sold into slavery, and forced to work for the notorious pirate, Captain Black. Bound for plunder in the Caribbean aboard the rugged ship The Swan, Henry could never have dreamt of the fabulous adventures that he would encounter on the high seas. Bitterly working as the ship’s cabin boy, Henry learned as much of the sail as possible hoping that it might aid in his escape. One day the ghost of Mad Dog Jamison, the former captain of the Swan, visited him. Henry befriended the strange phantom, who named him Scalawag. The friendly ghost had planned that one day Henry would captain this sleek vessel manned by a ghostly crew that Black had executed to take the ship the year before.

Recommended for readers from eight to eighty.