A Lady in France - kindle ebook by Jennie Goutet

What makes us choose to read the memoir of someone we’ve never heard of?

We hope for heart-stopping adventure:

“I glanced ahead at the two pilots, and saw that there was a red light blinking on the dashboard. I looked over at Matthieu with wide eyes, and saw that he was already looking at me. “Something’s wrong,” he mouthed. My heart sank and I grew cold with dread.”

We hope for romance:

“After a short time of his guiding me with strong hands, and spinning me without hesitation, I felt like I was starting to follow where he led more smoothly. It didn’t seem as if he would ever tire; and every so often, he glanced at me and smiled encouragingly, as I focused on not making a mistake. I forgot we were supposed to be friends when he held me like that. When his hands pushed me one way, grabbed me around the waist and then spun me another way, my stomach quivered in a way that didn’t feel like we were friends.”

We hope for magic:

“But far, far up, with just the darkness above and below me, I stared down at the boats that were lost and isolated in the vast obscurity of the ocean, and whose lights were visible only to me. It struck me, as I contemplated this star-studded sky upside down, that this must be the way God sees his people who love goodness and mercy. We are the bright, shining lights he sees in a dark world, ravaged by evil and decay.”

And we hope to see the triumph of the human spirit over adversity:

“I’ll never forget that day on the mountain, the day when the sights and feelings were so foreign it was like someone else’s life momentarily juxtaposed mine—the day I tried to outrun my pain.

I remember how we turned towards the mountain, coasting freely over the crisscross of yellowed roads with their large grids of golden rice waving in the glaring sun almost as far as the eye could see. And the image of that hot sun, blue sky, the golden rice, the green and brown set of mountains ahead, and me, flying, flying across it all… I think this scene will flood my vision with its brilliant colors in my last days.”

I hope you will find all that and more in mine!