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"A prosecutor and a homeless man team up against a murderous conspiracy in this rollicking thriller... The two settle into an entertaining dynamic as ... Hankins surrounds them with a crackerjack cast of bristling thugs, weaselly lowlifes and beady-eyed feds, and he ties the story together with pitch-perfect dialogue, mordant humor and action scenes poised exquisitely between menace and chaos... A complex, entertaining thriller." --Kirkus Reviews (starred review). Please read the entire review at

In BROTHERS AND BONES, Charlie Beckham, a rising star among federal prosecutors, is on his way to court to begin the biggest trial of his career when a bearded, long-haired, deranged homeless man turns his life upside down with a single word. He calls Charlie by a secret nickname, one known by only one other person in the world...Charlie's brother Jake, who went missing thirteen years ago.

As the homeless man disappears, questions collide in Charlie's mind. How does the man know Charlie's secret nickname? Did he know Charlie's brother? Could he have information about Jake's fate? it possible...could the man actually be Charlie's brother?

So begins Charlie's search for answers, a search that will take him down Boston's darkest streets, into its blackest alleys, and, finally, into its criminal underworld. If Charlie wants the truth, he'll have to get it from some of the city's most feared and ruthless people.

From the Author:

I used to practice law. Before that I wrote screenplays. Now I write thrillers. Please visit my website at, where you can learn about my other books (and about me if you're interested). You can also sign up for my newsletter, which I send out very rarely and only when I have big news. You can also visit my Facebook author page at Please consider liking/sharing these sites.  My Twitter handle is James_Hankins_.

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