Circumstellar - kindle ebook and print by J. W. Lolite

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It was just another day for Ingrid Fairheit in the not-so-illustrious town of Dust Veil, Tennessee: waking up late for school, taking care of drunk Aunt, crushing on best friend Ty, making sure her glowing purple eyes didn’t meet direct sunlight. You know, the usual business. So when she almost got killed by two hooded creeps looking for a magic space rock, you could call it a surprise. While seeking the truth behind the mysterious men (and accepting all the baggage that comes with it), Ingrid discovers that there is much more to the past than she ever cared to imagine – for the Earth and for herself.

            Circumstellar is the first book of the new series by J. W. Lolite. It is a blend of science-fiction, fantasy, action, and even a little mystery. There’s a mouthy heroine, a brusque old woman in one of your average Tennessee temples, a few bullies, and some special characters of the non-human variety.

One Amazon reviewer writes: Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from the book, but after reading it I was highly impressed. Interesting characters and a very interesting story. I enjoyed reading the book because it was a nice change of pace from the vampire and zombie novels.
Another Amazon reviewer follows with: Loved it. I couldn't put it down. I sure hope there is more to come. Truly an intriguing tale. A must have for your collection!

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