Route 66 - a Horror Noir Novel by Brett Selmont

12/25 - 12/27 Discounted Price at $2.99

"A nail-biter of a road novel...Selmont brings serious game to this riveting thriller, and it takes some turns you absolutely will not see coming. Buckle up!" - Jonathan Maberry, NYT's Bestselling Author

"The road novel has been the heart and soul of American fiction. London, Steinbeck and Kerouac wrote books with highways running through them. By venturing into horror and the supernatural, Selmont charts a new direction for this classic'll be glad to have gone along for the ride."
- William Hjortsberg, NY Times Bestselling Author

"Tough, incisive, evocative, adroit. Selmont takes you on a genuinely gripping journey down a highway that will inspire you to lock your car as automatically as you buckle your seat belt. You've been waiting for this one... a nifty piece of work by a talented writer." - John Lutz, NY Times Bestselling Author