Dark Talisman - Kindle eBook by Steven M. Booth

Dark Talisman is the story of a Feisty Princess named Altira -- a Dark Elf Princess, admittedly, and a rogue and a thief, to start, but It's a story of redemption, discovery and evolution.  There are also strange creatures made entirely of air, giant phoenix eagles, mysterious and wicked-smart dwarves, all set in a vividly realized land.

Janessa, the YA Reviewer for the San Francisco Book Reader said:

"WOW doesn't even do this book justice. This book is everything
you want and expect from your favorite fantasy books, but
usually don't get."

And MissLiterati said:

"DARK TALISMAN is a deep, dark, delicious fantasy young adult novel with
a ferocious story and writing that grabs you and refuses to let go."