A Sane Man's Intervention: Part One - kindle ebook by Ibn Akbar

This short book is a compilation of creative writing composed by a man trying to understand his biggest fears, ambitions, insecurities, and vices by facing them head on. In an attempt to explore the depths of his soul, the author takes readers on a roller coaster ride filled with poetic tales of  self-doubt, troubling relationships, moral conflicts, and more. Be prepared to enter a world where in individual's inner demons are brought to the forefront. 
This poetically chronicled piece of work is an up and down journey through life in the eyes of the  writer. Morality, and the notion of religion walk a thinly veiled line into blasphemy. Never has there been a more honest truth, than when an individual looks into the mirror, and sees him or herself embodied with every flaw, fear, and motivation. A Sane Man's Intervention provides a visual recollection of a person's deepest thoughts, regrets, and subconscious self-actualizations.