Dragonfly Kisses a Kindle book by Sabrina York

TOP PICK! "I loved the laugh-out-loud, humorous moments. Dragonfly Kisses has the right amount of wit, tear-jerking emotion, and steaminess to make a terrific read. "-- Night Owl Reviews
5 STARS You Gotta Read
5 STARS "While the sex is amazing, what stands out is the characters and their stories, and mixed with clever dialogue, some bacon-laced bribery and an emotional fragility and rawness that demands tears."-- The Jeep Diva
"The story was sweet, steamy, and heartbreaking all at the same time. I really enjoyed this one."--The Book Chick

A Scorching Obsession, A Desperate Hope

Dylan Deveney has no interest in a wild fling. He simply wants a quiet place where he can try to forget a painful past and, barring that, drink himself to death. But when he catches a glimpse of his exquisite neighbor--in the buff--his passion for life reignites.

Cassie French can't resist Dylan's allure. From his scruffy beard to his earring to his intriguing dragonfly tattoo, she's crazy about him. And sex between them is scorching. It all seems perfect...until a tragedy from Dylan's past threatens to ruin everything.

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