Treehugger (Based on a Dream, #1) a kindle ebook by Kea Alwang

Bullies blow. In fact, they can make you wish you had a ticket clear off this rock. They find your one odd trait and exploit it until that trait is the only thing you recognize in yourself. But what if those who torment you bothered to know your strengths and talents ... your inner power? What if they knew the real you? In Treehugger, the first book in a Young Adult Speculative Fiction series, there is so much more to heroine Chloe (aka Star) than being the odd girl out. Not only does her REM sleep (the time during which we dream) function in a rather non-human way, but it also gives her a double life she can't share with her Earthen peers.  If they only knew....
Of course, you can't expect others to notice your inner power if you've lost track of it yourself. As Chloe struggles to move past the cruelty of those who don't know her and the disappearance of those who knew her better than she knew herself, she'll have to navigate evolving relationships and old nightmares. Will she lose the gifts her REM sleep grants to the sorrow of not fitting in? Can she pull herself together when her most fearsome enemy threatens to resurface?

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