Escape From Ruskin Heights -- by Dana George

The fact that the protagonist of this story begins to question her sanity as she meets new friends – each and every one dead -- is based upon a series of dreams the author began having years before sitting down to write the book.   

Carey O'Neal has returned to a city she hates, to a neighborhood with nothing but painful memories and a deep sense of not belonging.  It seems though, she is not alone.  Everywhere she turns, there are ghosts  -- literal and figurative. 

As Carey attempts to rebuild her life after the loss of her one true love and to move on with a job she never wanted, she is surrounded by these spirits.  As these new “friends” insist on becoming part of Carey’s life, she must decide whether to leave for good, or stay to face the ghosts of Ruskin Heights.

The author did not have a single nightmare the entire time she wrote this book.  The nightmares returned the night she sent the manuscript off to an editor.  Wouldn't you know?