Rule of Thumb - kindle ebook by Scott Baughman

The network of the future is always on...until THEY cut you off!

Adrien Faulk has lived a life of privilege. In the future, he's part of a vast social network that is literally always on. In the year 2042, society is a place where EVERYTHING is handled online. And everyone is always connected through government-mandated implants in their thumbs. Or, for the trendy, there's the option of getting a personal QR code tattooed on that thumb. But when Adrien accidentally loses a family heirloom while trying to propose to his equally privileged girlfriend, he finds himself in a rare predicament for this almost utopia - he doesn't find an answer to his problem on the 'net. In his hour of need, Adrien will have to turn to a grizzled old private investigator who specializes in finding lost things - and sometimes lost people - even in the future. Together, their journey will take them from the mean streets of New York City to an almost pristine, primal, paradise in Guatemala. And together Adrien and his P.I. friend will come face to face with a cybernetic assassin, a worldwide conspiracy and a strange prophecy about mankind's future as a race and as a force among the stars. But how will he cope when he runs afoul of those in power and finds himself beaten down, torn up and cut off from the world he thought he knew? Will he find the answers he needs in time to save mankind from itself?