LAVENDER BLUE - a kindle ebook by Parris Afton Bonds

I had such fun writing Lavender Blue.  The idea for this novel, set during the Civil War on the Texas/Mexican Gulf near the Rio Grande, was inspired by a novel I had read in junior high ~ The Scarlet Pimpernel, which was set during the French Revolution.  I learned a fascinating tidbit while researching Lavender Blue ~ that the Civil War's last battle was fought on the Rio Grande, weeks after the Civil War had officially ended because word of General Lee's surrender had yet to reach South Texas.  Lavender Blue involves a daring French privateer and a dear friend from Jeanette St. John's youth, now a bumbling dandy.  Our heroine  does not know which man fascinates her most.  Worse, she does not known that both are . . . well, I hope you'll read Lavender Blue to discover what shocking pleasure awaits Jeanette.  Many of my historical novels are entitled with song titles with colors - Deep Purple, Blue Bayou, Mood Indigo, Blue Moon, etc., but I will admit Lavender Blue is one of my favorite.

Lavender Blue is FREE New Years Day only.