Discovery (Birthright, Book One) - kindle ebook by Ronda White

How does a former child of missionary parents, born in Bangladesh and raised in India and Belgium, create today hottest Young Adult Fantasy Romance that's been called "hard to put down", "a wonderful addition to the YA market", and "a MUST READ for anyone who loves fantasy and good ol' fashioned love and honor"?

She's Ronda White, one of the brightest authors to come on the Young Adult fiction scene in a long time. Ronda has taken her vast multi-cultural experiences and combined them with the age-old themes of romance and drama to create the Birthright Series, an intriguing trilogy of fantasy novels revolving around 18-year old Dria McCorran and beginning with "Discovery"...

Like many others her age, Dria feels confused, alienated, and different from those around her. But not for the same reasons as other adolescents. What is it that drives this intense, non-stop hunger for food? Why can she effortlessly tap into a seemingly superhuman burst of strength and speed whenever she wants? And why does she have these strange markings on her back that look almost...dragon-like?

Enter Trey De Luca, a handsome, yet mysterious new classmate. From the first moment Dria lays eyes on him, she feels a sense of belonging and an attraction she's never experienced. Their relationship quickly blooms into a strong friendship...and more. But when a white-haired stranger steals drops of her blood, the mystery of Dria's hidden past begins to unfold...and the future of her true dragon kind is revealed to be in her hands.

Can she save her race, AND the one she loves? Or will she sacrifice herself for all who fly secretly in the night?