Living Again - a kindle ebook by LL Collins
What if the life that you knew, that you loved, ended without warning? How would you move on? Would you be able to? What if you were a young wife, about to be a mother?

Kayley Carson found herself having to figure out how life can go on after her husband was killed in a tragic car accident when she was 7 months pregnant. She thought she was in the perfect place in life-- a great job, a wonderful husband, and the a new bundle of joy on the way, until the day that one phone call changed everything about her life.

Now having to face being a single parent without the love of her life, she builds a wall around her heart, knowing that it can't be possible  for her to go on without him. She focuses only on their child, sadness that her child will never know their loving father ruling her. She's only a shell of herself, but she can't figure out how to be her again.

When she meets someone that she feels a connection to, she pushes the thought away. She has convinced herself that she can never love that like that again. But, he's relentless, and she feels more than she's willing to admit. When her child is instrumental in bridging the gap for her, will she realize that she does need to live again, and that her husband would want her to?

This is a contemporary romance story about love, family, and moving on after horrible heartbreak. It has sexual content and language, and is intended for readers 18+. It has also been recommended that the reader has a box of tissues nearby, and sometimes, paper towels.