Second Chance Sister - kindle ebook by Billy McCoy

Second Chance Sister is a novel about the unconditional love between mother and daughter! It took me about three months to write Second Chance Sister and it was exciting, a few of the characters took a lot of time to develop. The story begins when Ashley refuses to marry promising Neal and instead runs off with heartthrob Brandon. Their relationship quickly ends and Ashley is forced to return back home with a child and to the unconditional love of her mother, despite her mother's initial warnings about Brandon.

The second story is called Online Dating a memoir, it is the story of lonely Peyton and his quest to find a date using an online dating service. His first date goes badly because of some uninvited church Hens, the rest is all downhill from there. Finally Peyton learns that it is him, and not the women he meets that is the chief source of his problems. Both stories can be read in a evening or so.