Miyu's Wish - Kindle eBook YA/Fantasy by Casey Bryce


Miyu's Wish by Casey Bryce will be available  for $0.99 in Kindle Countdown deal running from Dec. 12-15!

When people ask what inspired Miyu's Wish, I usually hesitate with an apologetic smile. Truth is, my book began its life as a million different ideas whirling about in my head like a mad centrifuge.
Unanswered wishes, wandering dreams, and wonders waiting to unfold—these themes would eventually combine into something both potent and meaningful…
And yes, little Miyu was born.

A boy longs for another life, a girl clings to her own...
Poor Keil. Rejected at home and bullied at school, he cannot stand his pathetic existence any longer. By the light of the full moon, he wishes for another life, and then mysteriously disappears.

Poor Miyu. Cute, cheerful, and beloved by all in the eighth grade -life could not be better. But secretly, something is terribly wrong; an enigmatic boy continues to haunt her thoughts and dreams, whispering a truth too dreadful to bear. Her life is not her own it seems, and he wants it back. Even if it means Miyu must fade away forever.

What is she going to do?

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