PARENTAL ADVISORY ~ Contains Bipolar ~ Tyler James MacLeod

Captivated by feeling, capped by waves I am overwhelmed by well-being the self-gratifying guided feeling, "I am loved!"
I lye here without lies, without cover up, without fear to steer my thoughts, this was gentle like a mother and her womb. A tear from salt, a heart warm and a smile that tea the calm of me.
~Let's be together forever~

The Bipolar Apple' is a story about Eve, a modern day girl that has disorder fed up with...? She dreams away to a better place for a "Chanc3 to make things right!"
Spinning right round and around with my locks of gold showing this box without light what I am worth.

With four corners all in the same direction… family, friends, work and home… how I hate you Pandora.

My darkest nerve has my arms out to choose and think of a switch in direction, but I spiral down each time by the quick sands of time against. I have to find a better place, a place I will find light.

For I am Eve and I am Life

Novella, my first publication, a lifetime of writing poetry  - The Bip|ar Apple +