Ultras: Effect of the Sky Canopy kindle ebook by Travis Lefelhoc

Ultras: Effect of the Sky Canopy will be free on 12/26/13 – 12/27/13

Ultras: Effect of the Sky Canopy is a Post Apocalyptic action adventure. The premise of the story is a group of super-humans battling an endless horde of nightmarish monsters with a sci fi twist. Anyone who likes dystopian, superheroes, high tech, ninjas, monsters, and so on would be a fan of this book.

I began writing this book five years ago with some simple ideas. I put my fingers on the keyboard and started typing. My goal was to write about the things that I wanted to see in a novel. As time progressed, I began to weave my tale while I learned how to write. Low and behold, I have finished the book and posted it to Amazon.

As a graphic artist in the day, I was able to take some of the creativity I use in visual organization and transfer them to words on a page. It also helps with cover design to have a graphic design background.

I hope that others with the same interests as mine will find the story enjoyable.  Reviews and opinions would be greatly appreciated.