Presidential Pursuit - Kindle ebook by Rachel Kall

Presidential Pursuit (A Love and Scandal Novella)

Helen Riley has devoted her entire life to public service. Now she’s facing the most important election battle of her life. And she may very well make history as the first woman president of the United States.

Sean Mackay has known Helen since childhood and is her trusted political advisor. They’ve fought their way together to the top of the political game. Sean and Helen’s friendship is rock solid, but will they admit to each other that they each feel more?

Not everyone is happy about Helen’s election prospects. When threats start surfacing against her, she turns to Sean for counsel. One thing is certain—Helen won’t back down. Not from what she believes in. Her past struggles have made her the woman she is today—strong, fearless, and independent.  

She will not let her enemies defeat her. Will she make history and admit her love for Sean, or will her pursuit of the White House end in tragedy?