Slayer of the Osgarth - Kindle ebook by Clark Graham

The Slayer of the Osgarth started out as a NaNoWriMo book (National November Writing Month) I had it in the back my mind as something to do eventually. When I heard about the writing challenge I stopped writing my latest installment of my Elvenshore Series and started writing Slayer of the Osgarth. The story flowed and it was enjoyable for me to write. 

Poor Jason, the hero of the story, just wants to lead a normal life. His mother and him have been through a lot of trails and hardships. When his mother remarries, Jason's life improves and he has landed in a good place.
That all changes when he starts having dreams where he is in a strange land and having to fight for his life through several adventures. When he is hurt in his dream, he finds that he is still hurt in real life.
His high school counselor tries to find the culprit behind Jason's injuries, but there is no way unless he can believe the impossible is possible. When the police get involved things get really crazy.
I hope you enjoy reading Slayer of Osgarth as much as I enjoyed writing it.