Ripped - Kindle ebook by Shelly Dickson Carr

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An American teen trying to unmask Jack the Ripper. Really? Yes, really. And the teen's a girl. But it's not all about the Ripper, it's about choices the tough ones. Katie's a good kid, but will she be strong enough to choose between the easy wrong and the hard right? Follow Katie as she finds her way in a new city, a whole new life. Her life in London is so different than what she knew with her mom and dad and sister in Boston. She misses them all so much. A forced move to London wasn't easy. Alone.

But she's learning to like London and her new friends, even feels like she belongs here. But when a collision of wishes and legend lands her in 1888 London, that's another matter. Still Katie's got to keep it together, deal with her place in Victorian society and blend enough to track a serial killer.

In the tradition of her grandfather John Dickson Carr, a master of historical mysteries... Shelly Dickson Carr has penned a tale rich in detail. 

" This YA novel has it all: suspense, romance, adventure, time-travel, historical intrigue, and mystery. All of the characters are wonderfully written, from the lead characters to the minor characters only in one scene. The settings are also described so well you feel like you may be able to smell or taste the different places. The author also keeps you guessing about the true identity of the villain for most of the book. For a debut novel, Ms. Carr gets an A +." --LibStaff2

Named BEST FIRST BOOK, YA/FICTION 2013 by Independent Book Publishers Association