Secrets - Kindle ebook by Tim Mettey

Introducing The Hero Chronicles by Tim Mettey, CEO and Disaster Relief
Coordinator at Matthew 25: Ministries, an international humanitarian
and disaster relief organization. Tim uses his many experiences and
expertise in responding to disasters around the world to set the
background for his The Hero Chronicle series.

In Secrets, we are introduced to Nicholas Keller who emerges out of
devastation as a shining light of hope for all. But his newfound fame
comes with a price that his aunt will not let him pay. They flee into
the shadows in order to protect his secret. However, as Nicholas
begins his sophomore year at his fifth school in five years, strange
and unexpected things begin to happen. He soon tumbles into a web of
doomed love, extraordinary talents and a secret past, which threatens
the lives of everyone he cares about. It's up to Nicholas to confront
the truth, even if it means his own death.

Tim struggles with and has overcome his learning disabilities with
reading and writing to create this series, and hopes his journey can
be an inspiration to others. He says, "Our disabilities do not define
who we are, they make us stronger." Stay tuned to The Hero Chronicles
for the release of Book 2 in the series, Trust, on October 10, 2013.

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