Something Furry Underfoot, a Kindle ebook by Amy L Peterson

In Something Furry Underfoot I invite you into my pet-filled house to witness for yourself what it's like in a place where pets are number one and people must fend for themselves. Upon your arrival, you'll be greeted by two fluffy lhasa-bichon pups that will jump at your pant legs, try to bring you down to their level, and lick you into submission.  Should you survive that, you'll come face to face with some of the cutest hamsters and gerbils you've ever seen, in cages on our kitchen counter. Just ignore the rubber bands on the kitchen cupboards that once kept the ferrets out, and the duct-tape at the ends of the bottom cupboard overhangs where the hedgehog once disappeared, and the plant covers on the potted plants that kept ferrets from digging in the dirt.  And try to look beyond the triangular shaped chunks of carpet missing in the hallway near the the spare bedroom, courtesy of the ferrets and pups, and the bite marks on the molding on the one door, courtesy of the rescue rabbit and pups.  Should you need to use the bathroom, be sure to shut the door behind you, else the dogs will follow you, and the formerly stray cat, Purrkins, will jump up on the counter to get fresh water from the faucet (which I promote in lieu of slurping out of the toilet bowl). While near the bedrooms, be sure to say hi to the two mynah birds, Little Buddy and BOGO, singing from the back bedroom.  When you leave, just consider the fur on your clothes a souvenir of the good times you had in a home where all pets are loved and contribute to the decor.

Something Furry Underfoot is my humorous, touching memoir about raising a whole bunch of pets over the course of about 19 years. Filled with 50 tips, my book is a guide for pet owners and potential pet owners. Some proceeds will benefit animal rescue organizations. Oh, if you do stop by my house, please leave Martha Stewart in the car.