Soft Target - Kindle ebook by Rachel A. Brune

Mark is a cub reporter looking for his big break. Scott is a New York
City cop, trying to fit back into his life after a tour of duty in the
Middle East. They're about to discover a plot that will bring the city
to its knees.

* * *
After pulling a stunt in which he thwarts airport security and
smuggles a knife on a plane for a story, Mark Granger gets hired at an
up-and-coming NYC tabloid news station. As his boss sends him in
search of ever-more-sensational stories, Mark finds himself the
recipient of a series of anonymous manifests, sent by email, that
promise an impending attack on the city.

Scott Mabry, returning from a tour in Iraq, finds himself on the same
plane as Mark. Still on high alert from his tour, he overreacts,
subduing the reporter and almost sending him to the hospital. Back in
the city - and back on the force - he continues to have trouble
adjusting. After a highly-publicized incident in which, during an
assault on a suspected weapons warehouse, he almost kills two children
hiding there, Scott is benched and sent to work behind a desk.

The two - reporter and Soldier - find that they cannot escape each
other, as the threats Mark begins to receive on a weekly basis are
ignored by everyone, except Scott, who is tired of sitting behind a
desk. Together, the two of them begin their own investigation, and
find themselves racing against time and bureaucratic inertia to save
the City.

* * *
Sample Reviews:
"The actions of both main characters show an intimate knowledge of
both the military and journalism world, and puts them both together
into a very page turning, stay up all night reading experience."
-John Holmes, creator of PowerPoint Ranger

"...the equivalent of watching a stick of dynamite burning with a
slow-fuse, knowing these characters were building to a climactic and
exciting ending and nothing could stop the events once they were put
in motion."
-D.S. Williams, author, Nememiah Chronicles