Super Fortress Saga Episode One: Battle for Eckandor (Andanski Chronicles) by Paul Barnett

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Super Fortress Saga Episode One: Battle for Eckandoor (Andanski Chronicles)

One man discovering who he is, helping to protect Planet Eckandoor, once Earth, from anything that threatens it....even one of the most powerful men who exist on it, General Jonathan Vergice.  Politics and lust for power leads the young Herald Mobus and his friends on an adventure with life changing results.  Set upon by Vergice’s powerful army Herald is tested like never before, taking him on a journey of surprising self discovery.   Comradeship, new friends, love and even deceit play a part in this uninvited war of lies and treachery for control and power.  This however is only the beginning, as a civilisation’s future hangs in the balance, strangers from time past and time to come intertwine through uncontrollable events and open up questions about the future of Eckandoor.  Who are strong enough to survive and ask them?  

The Andanski Chronicles starts here with the Battle for Eckandoor, unknown to Herald that he is the first of many warriors spawned from the legendary Andanski rock discovered by Vergice’s ancestors.  This rock, believed to be the decomposed dead bodies of the alien Andanski race who invaded earth over two hundred years prior, can produce unnatural powers determined by the holders genome and DNA.  Only temptation and greed will follow.

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