The Barbarians - kindle ebook by Anthony Chapman

All Francie O’Flaherty ever wanted to be was someone else, someone special, maybe that’s why he was the one to dance the foxtrot, the tango and the cha-cha-cha at the local primary school when he was a kid. Maybe that’s why he joined the local musical society where, according to all reports, he ‘excelled in the role of stage-hand.’ Whatever the reasons, he never quite believed he was anything until he left home and invented Frank Moran, and learned to be Frank Moran. And although he made a name for himself in Hollywood, it was only as the worst actor of all time – even his fans call him the king of the straight to video turkey.

Frankenstein’s Fabulous Fusiliers, was the second highest selling video film in Kazakhstan during the third week of January, and there’s not many people of whom you can say that.’ How Frank must have cringed inside as one of his old teachers made that announcement to the assembled school
Frank is back in his home town after more than thirty years, and he doesn't know why. To some he’s a hero to others he’s a painful reminder of what they failed to try; to one woman he’s a chance to find the love she never had.

But when Frank crosses his old friend – now an important figure in the local church and the local sex-club – he discovers a dark underbelly to this picturesque town, and it wants Frank Moran to pay for what he’s done to them.

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