Open Gate - kindle ebook by Bruce C. Dillahunty

Are you ready to walk on another planet? Could you pack up and move tomorrow?

Do you have wanderlust and want to explore? If you had been born 200 years ago, would you be on a wagon to the frontier?

What if the frontier consisted of a modern city with technology you can’t understand. Would you still be ready to move in and set up housekeeping?

James took Rachael caving, introducing her to the world underground. They didn't expect to find an opening to another planet. It’s the chance for the human race to leave Earth and have breathing room. A place for the explorers at heart to blaze new trails. But what will happen if they call 911 with this story?

Just to add to the excitement, the government is breaking down, there is rioting in the streets and the authorities have decided to arrest them on site.

What about the original owners of these new-found worlds? Where are they, and are they wanting visitors? And don’t forget about the universe of other planets a few short steps away.

Influenced by Heinlein’s juveniles, Open Gate is a Science Fiction adventure that will appeal to all ages from teens to adults.