Unplanned Choices - historical romance kindle ebook by Frank E Hopkins

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Unplanned Choices has been described as:
·         Incredible. A historical novel that outlines the never-spoken-about sexual revolution and restrictions on women's reproductive rights. I recommend this book to any and all.
·         Unplanned Choices is a gripping book. I read it whenever I could until it ended.
Unplanned Choices, a historical romantic drama, set in the late 1960s and early 1970s in New York City and Long Island during the turbulent period of the Viet Nam War, the sexual revolution, the women’s movement, and the struggle for legalizing abortion. It is the story of Steve Lynch’s and his first love Anna Marino, who became pregnant, died during an abortion, and the impact of the abortion on Steve, the abortionist, Anna’s family and friends, and the investigators of Anna’s death.
Anna contacted a “silent network” of female students and doctors who performed abortions, which were then illegal in NY. Unfortunately, Anna had a reaction to the local anesthesia Lidocaine during her abortion that stopped her heart.
Anna’s parents and the police began a frantic search for Anna when she did not return home. Steve was of no help in finding Anna since she had stopped talking to him a week before her death after an argument over the potential abortion.
Steve’s sorrow was compounded by the hated of Anna’s father. He threatened to kill Steve if he had impregnated Anna and if she had died during an abortion. While Steve was able to convince her father that she was not pregnant, he became an enemy of one of the detectives, Michael Phillips, investigating Anna’s death. Phillips was an anti-abortion fundamental Southern Baptist, who talked to God.
Phillips could not forget his belief that Dr. Green had committed an abortion causing the death of Anna, and should be punished. Phillips received a revelation from God instructing him to kill Dr. Green for his crime and to stage the murder to implicate Steve for his pro-abortion activities.
Situations similar to that portrayed in Unplanned Choices, could be replicated hundreds of thousands of times in the future if abortion becomes illegal in the United States.