WAKE FOR ME - Kindle eBook by Isobel Irons

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Meeting the man of your dreams can seem impossible -- especially if you're unconscious.
Instead of repeating the blurb–because you can click the link above and read that any time–let's just say that WAKE FOR ME is about what happens when former high school “mean girl” VIOLA BELLEROSE (think Regina George meets Serena Van Der Woodsen) crashes her car on accident and lands herself in a coma.
Without the use of her money, her family connections, her designer wardrobe or her VERY formidable wit, Viola is suddenly helpless--stuck in a terrifying subconscious reality where she’s forced to relive all of her worst mistakes and greatest fears one minute, and then lay helplessly, listening to the world go on around her the next.
Fortunately, there’s a bright side: she has a sexy, slightly nerdy, and extremely attentive doctor named SAM PHILIPS. (Well, okay, so he’s not a full doctor yet. He’s still an intern.) Between the two of them, there’s a lot of conflict and drama. Especially when through her dream haze, Viola realizes that someone is trying to get rid of her and get their hands on the family fortune. And Sam, dream guy or no, might be the only one who can save her.
WAKE FOR ME is a New Adult / Adult novel of contemporary romantic suspense. It is a stand-alone story, but also the first novel in the Life or Death Series by Isobel Irons.
There will be a Kindle Countdown deal for WAKE FOR ME from January 20th, 2014 - January 25th, 2014. However, if you don't want to wait that long, you can check out the "You Must Be Dreaming" Blog Tour for WAKE FOR ME (details can be found at http://isobelirons.com/news-events/) and swing by any of the YMBD tour stops for a chance to win a FREE eCopy of WAKE FOR ME and/or various other prizes, from 12/20/13 - 1/20/14.
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