The Renewables - Kindle ebook by Chuck Van Soye

You and your wife are old, very old.  On your 54th wedding anniversary, an accident happens and you wake up the next morning as a 19-year-old hunk.  Two days later, your wife becomes a 16-year-old knockout.  You are soon arrested as a sexual predator for sleeping with your wife, and she is placed into Child Protective Custody.  When you two undo that mess, you have to celebrate Thanksgiving with your adult children and grandchildren, who still expect you to be that same old doddering couple, not teenagers.  The mirth ends when you both end up sleeping on the dirt floor of your own mud hut in Kenya, Africa.  But you bring joy and health to hundreds of the natives as a result.  Then you are stabbed in a fight and approach death.  Escaping from that world back to your home in Alabama, you use science to discover how you and your bride became teenagers again, and struggle to use that knowledge to bring health and long life to all humanity.  Decades of international missions pass, and your wife reminds you that you are 127 years old, and that your 100th anniversary is around the corner.  The two of you, once again old, decide to start all over again, becoming teenagers the same way you did 46 years earlier