Caterer to the Mob - kindle Chick Lit ebook by C.J. Sumner

When Portia Jean Adler agreed to help her business partner pay off a gambling debt, she found herself caught in the middle of a mob war, an FBI-instigated mob shakedown, and a re-ignited romance.

Portia's best friend and business partner, George Reid, was negotiating for his life when he was unable to pay a huge gambling debt to Mafia Boss Don Carlo Vito, known as the 'Big Cannoli' on the East Coast. He got the reprieve he wanted but on the condition that he and Portia cater the wedding of Don Carlo's daughter - gratis! George knew that this would not sit well with Portia given that their business has yet to earn a profit.

Being a huge fan of mafia movies, Portia knew how the mob works and feared for George's life. She agreed to the deal just to get George off the hook. It was supposed to be a quick 'get out of trouble' gig, but when Portia unwittingly agreed to cook for a Mafia Family sit-down (meeting) weeks prior to the wedding, she witnessed a bloodbath that consequently fueled an unfortunate chain of events that got her up close and personal with the mob and reunited her with her ex, Ben Marteli.  This got the attention of the FBI, marking her as a person of interest and a possible witness  against the mob. 

Portia was trapped between a rock and a hard place and her only way out is to take sides – but either side has its unfavorable consequence that could cost her her life.