The Obsidian Mask - A dangerous, desert adventure by Caroline Ludovici

"A dangerous thriller where archaeology and adventure collide on an ancient Mesopotamian desert dig." 

Natasha and Alex couldn't wait to visit their their archaeologist mother's desert excavation. Natasha really missed her mother; They lived in London with their father when she worked abroad, only seeing her during the holidays, so this trip was very special for Natasha. Not only that, the excavation was in the Middle East, in the region known in ancient times as Mesopotamia. The international team was uncovering the incredible tomb of an ancient warrior queen previously thought to be merely a legend. So flying out to see an ancient tomb and her mother, was going to be an incredible experience.

But unfortunately, things didn't quite turn out as expected. Natasha, Alex and their mother are mistakenly held up at gunpoint en route to the camp, and after finally arriving shaken and disheveled, they thought the trip could only improve… 

But they were wrong; they meet Gabriella and Lorenzo, two reluctant Italian teens visiting their father, Marcello, the flamboyant director of the dig. After Natasha and Alex feel obliged to hang out with them, the four suddenly find themselves embarking on a very dangerous adventure, never in their wildest dreams thinking that their parents archaeological excavation could involve them anything as frightening as smuggling and kidnapping. This adventure will tie the four young teens together in a way that none of them could ever have imagined.

The Obsidian Mask is the first true-to-life, believable, suspenseful thriller in the series which will take Natasha, Alex, Lorenzo and Gabriella to ancient archaeological sites and excavations in different corners of the world. Fast moving, witty and even tender, the reader will come to know each of these very different young teens well. Hold on to your trowels and hardhats, history and archaeology just became surprisingly cool, interesting and deceptively dangerous. 
The Obsidian Mask is the first of their international adventures.