CLAIMING THE REBEL'S HEART - a Kindle ebook by Alison Stuart

A woman... a man... a castle...a siege.

The first time they met, she tried to kill him... and things are destined to go downhill from there.

The English Civil War, a country torn apart by adherents to King or Parliament, the cavaliers and the roundheads. Former neighbours and friends became enemies, families are rent apart and in a quiet corner of Herefordshire, one little castle holds firm for the cause of Parliament – Kinton Lacey.

When Captain Luke Collyer is ordered by Sir John Felton to garrison and defend his castle of Kinton Lacey and defend it against the local royalist force, he knows he will be up against a formidable force. He had not reckoned on that force being Sir John’s eldest daughter, Deliverance.

Deliverance has a fierce loyalty to her family and her home and believes that she alone can keep them all safe, despite the superior royalist army at her front door. It will take all Luke Collyer’s experience and cunning to defeat the besiegers and to do that they must learn to trust each other.

As betrayal surfaces and threatens all that Deliverance holds dear to her heart, how are they to uncover the spy and deadly force within their midst before it's too late?

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