Obitchuary - a funny mystery by Stephanie Hayes

What if you killed someone? Accidentally, of course, because you're basically a good person. But what if you killed someone, then made a lot of really, really bad decisions about how to handle it? And then, what if you realized the man you killed had a lot of secrets, and they were all about to come pouring out?

You'd be Penny Perkins.

Penny -- journalist, upstanding citizen, dutiful bridesmaid -- just killed her date. Smashed him on the head with a bottle of Misty Mangoberry Merlot.

She is tipsy and panicked. She is wearing a heinous pink bridesmaid dress that makes her irrational. Penny knows she should call the cops and explain her date's grabby hands, his crazy eyes. She should cry self-defense. She should do a lot of things she doesn't do.

Things are about to get real complicated for Penny, as her dead date's life unravels into a mystery the deeper she investigates. Death just happens to be her job.

She's the newspaper's obituary writer.

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