Destiny Revealed (the Destiny Trilogy) by Cris Pasqueralle

Destiny Revealed (The Destiny Trilogy) a kindle ebook by Cris Pasqueralle

 "The world we all live in is divided into different realms of existence; the non-magical realm, the dream realm, the realm of thought, and the magical realm, where every magical creature you've ever heard of truly exists..."  So explains Benny to thirteen year old twins Jack and Maddie Austin when he tells them they are wizards from the magical realm and that all existence is being threatened by the wizard Tardon who wishes to rule over all the realms, but he doesn't understand that mixing of the realms will upset the world's balance and ultimately cause its destruction.
     With Jack and Maddie's parents being held hostage by Tardon, Benny, along with one of his students, Connie, leads them into Tardon's territory, teaching them to use their magic along the way.  During their rescue mission, the twins will have their destiny revealed.

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