The Story of Thaddeus Black, Part One - erotic thriller by Damien Dsoul

The third episode in the SOLD series.

In 'The Story of Caya', Catherine Morgan, a college lass and her parents, travel to Nigeria for summer holidays but find themselves kidnapped by a militant army known as the Black Path and converted into sex slaves.

In 'The Story of Michael', the saga continues with Catherine's college boyfriend back home in upstate New York, Michael Paymer, enlisted the help of a private investigator, Thaddeus Black, and then traveling to Nigeria in search of finding his lost love and what happened to her folks. He too falls into the same trap and gets himself converted into a submissive white slave.

And now, the first episode of 'The Story of Thaddeus Black' begins when the New York City private investigator gets hired by Michael Paymer's parents to travel down to Nigeria and search for their missing son. Thaddeus Black is soon involved in a dangerous conspiracy as he arrives in Nigeria, and is soon fighting for not just his life, but that of his lover, Constance, who'd accompanied him on this journey. First finding myself brainwashed, he now has to find a means of escape, knowing that dark forces are after his skin.

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