Dion: His Life and Mine - Kindle ebook by Sarah Cate Anstey


The very idea an anarchist, like him, is related to me to utterly preposterous. It is an insult to my late aunt.” 
-Pentheus, Prince of Thebes

He didn’t care what time you’d rolled out of bed, or even if you’d been to bed, as long as you practised and arrived at rehearsals on time and in tune. Above all, he demanded loyalty.” 
– Cal, Libertia

Even as a kid, he had a god-given talent. I knew the world had to heart it and it was my job to let them.” 
– Silenus, manager

With a mysterious beginning, a dysfunctional upbringing and an undisputed musical talent, there could only be one calling for Dionysus: to liberate the world, or his fans, at least, with his unique sound.

Alas, even for the alleged son of a god, the media is fickle: Was he a myth? - Or merely a man?

The wife ...

After years of dignified silence, Dion’s widow has finally decided to give her version of events.
Now it’s time to debunk some myths and reveal Dion’s life ... and Ariadne’s.

Named ‘indie book of the day’ in January 2014: Dion: His Life and Mine is a novel for young or ‘youthful adults’ and anyone who likes music and myths!

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