When It's Love: An Illicit Contemporary Affair Kindle ebook by Emma Lauren

What reviewers are saying about When It's Love [http://www.amazon.com/When-Love-Illicit-Contemporary-Romance-ebook/dp/B00HCIP9FO] by Emma Lauren:

Five Stars From #1 Bestselling author MJ Summers:

"When It's Love" had me gripped from page one! It's full of suspense, raw emotion and some of the hottest sex scenes I've ever read. WOW - HOT! Lauren's tale will stay with you long after you've finished reading. I absolutely NEED to know what will happen next. There is such depth of emotion to this book, characters that you fall in love with and root for every step of the way and a story so compelling, I could not put it down. I can't wait for more from this incredibly talented author, who is sure to become a household name.

Five Stars from the Page Princess Blog:

"When It’s Love by Emma Lauren is a fantastic, roller coaster story that will leave you breathless. The journey starts with meeting Sydney Morrison, who is harboring a naughty, school girl crush on Professor Sparling. Their professional relationship changes when Professor Sparling reaches out to Sydney. This starts a chain of events that push Sydney out of her safe bubble and into the world of camera phones and button up shirts. At first I was convinced I knew where this book was going but then Lauren introduced Henry, Sydney’s best friend who happens to be smoking hot and will do anything for her. That ‘anything’ just so happens to make Sydney’s world flip upside down. Along with hot best friends and drool worthy professors, Emma Lauren had me on the edge of my seat with Sydney’s dark past that seems to follow her. As Sydney’s fears catch up to her, she seeks help from the wrong person while pushing aside the one she should have gone to all along; but this will be a lesson Sydney will have to learn on her own."


"Let's be honest here. Adult novels are considered to be fluff--the stuff of lesser writers who haven't got the talent to be thriller writers? Right? Right? Wrong.
There is nothing "lesser" about Emma Lauren; and "When It's Love" is nothing more than pure, prime rib steak. You want a satisfying book to read? You found one.
What really makes "When It's Love" special is not that it's hotter, spicier or more sexual than other novels in this genre--it's true that this book is all of those things--but the writing style really grabbed me from the off. I found myself drawn into a world that normally only applies when pro-writers like Stephen King put pen to paper. It's the story of Sydney Morrison and her desperation to break away from who she really is. Twists, turns, and sexual encounters ensue, all leading to a conclusion that you will not easily recover from.
Praise for Emma Lauren is more in order than ever as she has put together a book worthy of your attention. A book that, although won't be a classic, will be a bestseller; and that has already been proven. "When It's Love" broke into the top echelons of Amazon on its first day of release, and is currently, at this time of writing, climbing again. I think for all readers who want to read something with some fire in its belly--this is the book for you.
Sex, sex, sex... Some really hot sex scenes in this one, guys and girls... Did I mention that this one has some great sex? It does...
Yes, this is Emma Lauren's first book, and I'm sure there are things I could find fault with. I'm not a literary snob, just a reader, and if you want a book that has all the makings of a hot, HOT read with great characters, dialogue and some real depth, this is the one."

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